How Stuart Got 5 Numbers In 1 Afternoon Using The QRA Technique

(Instantly and easily create attraction)

Thursday 15th December

Level 2, 99 York St. Sydney CBD


2+ Hours


Join relationship and dating expert, Duncan F in this exclusive evening...

How To Talk To Girls To Spark Attraction

(Limit 150 spots)

Number 1 Dating Coach Sydney

Did you know the fastest way to become more attractive to women is by following some simple rules on self confidence, speaking well, body language and motivation?

Dating and Relationship Expert Duncan F will help you do just that.

What he teaches is amazing – he demystifies dating and shows you exactly how to get women interested in you. He's been featured heavily in the media as the #1 Dating Coach in Australia.

Best of all Duncan has agreed to share his insider dating & attraction secrets in an exclusive upcoming seminar. You probably haven’t tried dating properly because you just don’t know where to start

The good news is you can learn how to date and only spend an hour or two each week doing it to get big results. Duncan has created a simple step by step system that any single man can use, regardless of age, skill level, looks or money.

You're going to get a sneak peak into information guys are paying thousands for... For Free!

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5 Topics Duncan Will Cover In This Event

  1. How to use NLP to get yourself in the perfect social state
  2. How to use key social mastery to make her feel really talkative in seconds
  3. School of Attraction's unique conversation tools to never run out of something to say again
  4. 7 Golden Topics to talk about in every interaction
  5. 7 Red Topics to avoid in every interaction


Dating Coach Damien Diecke

You see, Duncan has managed to combine his psychology education, NLP training as well as his years of practice as a student and coach with School of Attraction to create a secret and proven formula to meet amazing women and get dates in a sincere and genuine way.

What you need to know about Duncan is he's all about Science – all of his advice is based on scientific data used in other industries successfully. He applies strategies you'll find in business text-books, psychology papers and sales events to get you more dates. Best of all, everything you learn can be applied to your everyday to make your life awesome. Isn't that what this is ultimately about?

I know you're busy, but if there is one thing you do this year to step up to getting what you want – make it dating – and take the first step by enrolling now. Every man, including you, has plenty of women out there looking to date them - and Duncan can prove it to you.

Ten Reasons Not To Miss Out

Easy to register your place
Get your toughest questions answered in person
Live practice enhances learning
Get new-found inspiration and motivation
With 60 other guys, you can easily find some quality new wingmen
Receive your invitation for a Discovery Session Practical
We learn best when we're engaged and having fun
Some Fantastic Talking Points To Share With Your Next Date
Scientifically sourced information
And Much Much More…

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How Stuart Got 5 Numbers In 1 Afternoon Using The QRA Technique

(Thursday 15th December)

Thursday 15th December

Level 2, 99 York St. Sydney CBD

6:30pm - 8:30pm

2+ Hours