7 Damaging Mindsets Stopping Men From Being Successful With Women

(And how to change them!)

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Join relationship and dating expert, Damien Diecke in this exclusive evening...

An Honest Insight Into My Personal Journey

(Limit 100 spots)

Number 1 Dating Coach Sydney

Did you know I started my journey with women trapped in my room by crippling anxiety attacks?

I want to share with you my personal journey from that dark place to the man recognised as one of Australia's top dating coaches.

It wasn't always pretty, and I wasn't always proud of myself, but I learned some incredibly powerful lessons about self confidence and attraction that YOU NEED TO KNOW to avoid making the same mistakes I did

I'm not going to show you a 'get great with women quick' scheme, instead I'm going to reveal how YOU can become amazing wtih women in just 6 months.

But you'll only get these results if you know HOW - And that's what I'm going to share with you step by step at this event.

You're going to get a sneak peak into information guys are paying thousands for... For Free!

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5 Topics I Will Cover In This Event

  1. The 3 Foolish Attraction Mistakes Most Men Make
  2. Why Being Too Nice Is Destroying Your Chances Of Success
  3. How To Avoid Harsh Rejections Forever
  4. 5 Steps To Getting Rapid Internal Change
  5. How You Can Accomplish Your Attraction Goals In 6 Months


Dating Coach Damien Diecke

Founder of Sydney’s famed School of Attraction (2009), Damien’s students undergo a transformational program to become more confident, self-aware and ethical men who realise their potential to become more attractive to women. This new found confidence extends to all aspects of their lives. Damien is author of the award-winning book Sincere Seduction.

Damien is the recognised Australian leader in dating education for men. He is frequently sought by the media for comment and is an engaging and provocative professional speaker. A longtime student of dating, relationships and men’s ‘business’ , it was a natural progression for Damien to start The School of Attraction (2009), and help men discover the steps and synergies to successful dating - dating with ethics and without control or manipulation.

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7 Damaging Mindsets Stopping Men From Being Successful With Women


Watch RIGHT NOW or any evening at 8pm

Your House - It's An Online Event

60 Minutes