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The School of Attraction Story

We know dating & attraction. In fact, we wrote the book on it.
At School of Attraction, we believe there is a better way to date – a more honest,
upfront way where self-confidence is created and women are respected.
We’re passionate about the work we do, and our mission is ‘Leave No Single Man Behind’.
We focus on self-improvement and loving oneself to the point where getting more dates is inevitable.
We’re excited about creating a supportive and caring community that we’re proud of. 

Our Founding

School of Attraction was founded by Damien Diecke in 2008. It started as a one-man band taking guys out to meet women in Sydney, Australia and sharing his strategies for free. These early experiments allowed him to create the first course focused on long-term results and men feeling great about themselves.

Early Growth

After Damien proved what he could do, by 2009, he brought in business partner Diviya Nand to focus on growth. Within 3 months, there were waitlists and demand for more coaches so we set about training handpicked students that were achieving big results through the course and trained them to become amazing coaches. By paying and treating our coaches extremely well, we allowed the community to become tight-knit and supportive of one another.

Australia’s Largest Dating Coaching Company

Pretty soon, the media were very interested in what we were doing and featured us heavily in radio, tv and newspaper segments. Once Sydney was performing well, we moved our attention to other cities, running training in Melbourne, Queensland & Perth. Pretty soon it was clear we were the largest dating coaching company in Australia and moved our sights worldwide.

A New Leaf

With the introduction of online dating apps like Tinder, in 2016 we updated our efforts into online dating coaching. We set about trying to find sneaky hacks and sharing them with our Youtube channel viewers as well as adding ‘School of Tinder’ to our coaching repertoire. We celebrated 10 years of business in 2018.

To Infinity & Beyond

With dating and connections more important than ever, we’ve made a difficult but necessary decision to reverse our expansion into what we do best: creating community among single men and helping them help themselves. We’re making dramatic improvements to our courses and adding courses that will help guys deal with other issues in their lives, not just with women.

The Leadership

Damien Diecke

Founder, CEO & Head Coach

Damien started his career as a finance trainer and sales coach before delving into becoming a dating coach. He specialises in creating courses that generate results. He is also a life coach, a personal development coach and a media personality.

Diviya Nand

Co-Founder & Head Of Marketing

Diviya moved into becoming an entrepreneur after she realised that working at a law firm after law school was going to make her miserable. She joined Damien at School of Attraction and moved into marketing and sales. She loves all her students and works hard so they can have the success they dream about.

The Coaches

All coaches have completed the course, gone on to demonstrate extraordinary results and are taught leadership skills by Damien himself. It takes a serious amount of work to become a coach and coaches go on to get rewarded by making $100/ph minimum for their time and effort.

We don’t show our coaches faces on our website so that can protect our students’ privacy. One of the biggest reasons Damien stopped coaching personally was because he was constantly getting recognised whilst coaching. We try to prevent this happening to our other coaches by using animated images.

 We are happy to put you in touch with any of our coaches.

 Meet Denzel


Class Clown, Serial Monogamist, Late Bloomer

“I could make any product as desirable as 3am kebab to a piss head”

Until 28, Denzel went through life floundering from one relationship to another – always feeling like his connections with women were more of a coincidence, often ending very badly.

He read Damien’s book ‘Sincere Seduction’ and used these strategies to get a free upgrade to first class on a long-haul flight. The idea that his life would significantly improve with learning dating skills quickly turned into a stubborn belief.

Change happened steadily and quickly – friends and family noticed the improvements.

He found a new appetite for life and focuses on using the same stubborn beliefs to bring out the best in the students he coaches.

Read Denzel's Full Story
Hi I’m Denzel, Dating Coach here at SOA


I grew up a bit of a class clown, someone who really didn’t connect with any of the group stereotypes usually found in a school. I had a flare for creativity, so once I left high school, I found myself studying design and eventually jumping into the realm of advertising.

At the age of 22 I dabbled with stand up comedy for a year and realised that I was also a very curious person. People’s stories and a lateral perspective on life, made for great entertainment.

I would later find out out that this would help me in a new role as an Art Director, which I loved, and also in the world of dating.

The Struggle:

Until the age of 28 I went through life as a serial monogamist, floundering from one long term relationship to another.

I never really dated and my real connections with women always felt like a coincidence, more than a conscious decision, and that came with some disastrous results.

Despite a sound understanding of the advertising world as both a designer and art director, my ability to translate my skills were poor.

Give me a product, give me a target market, give me some insights and I could make any product as desirable as 3am kebab to a piss head.

Give me a woman and I’d be able to make her laugh at best and somehow get stuck in a relationship, whether I wanted to or not!

Little did I know, most women will test you again and again and again… and I had failed on multiple occasions with girls that I had somehow managed to get into a relationship with.

I compromised my own principles and crossed lines I had told myself I wouldn’t cross on multiple occasions, It was a part of me I would come to detest.

The Change:

Despite having been “done wrong by” from women in past, I decided to take responsibility for my life and change the calibre of women entering it; choice was what I wanted.

I had been familiar with “The Game” and the PUA industry, though felt that I would have had to change who I was fundamentally to succeed using these methods. It felt a little sleazy, it didn’t feel right.

Though, after seeing an interview of Damien on ‘pedestrian.TV’ I felt like this was my brand of seduction, more than anything else I had read.

I told my flatmate about him and we spend the next hour discussing the pro’s and cons… “f**k it, let’s call him” Damien met with us three days later. He ran through some scenarios and answered all our questions, it was impressive.

I was to start in January because of a trip to the states in november.

So, Damien gave me his book to read on my trip.

Excited about the skills I would learn, I chewed through the book in just under 16hrs on the flight to San Francisco.

I would then start approaching girls using all that I had recently learnt with small, but very significant improvements.

The second girl I spoke to happen to but an air hostess on my connecting flight from San Francisco to New York City. I started in coach and ended up in first class, purely through the conversation we had in a very small period of time.

The idea that my would life would significantly improve with these new skills, had quickly turned into a stubborn belief.

This belief fuelled every interaction and every lesson, every moment of study and quashed all the doubts I had prior to taking the course.

Despite the peaks and troughs, I knew there was always more to learn on the other side of a rut.

This meant I had to surround myself with like-minded people and look out for new friends (that I still have to this day) from the course.

It was time to make this change a permanent one, with habitual improvement.

Improvement that would last would last well beyond the 13 weeks the course took.

Friends, family and colleagues all took the time to mention my change (independently) after the course; it was obvious. I had found a way to show my better, more confident side to women ….

Actually, to everybody.

The anxiety that usually clouded my judgment when approaching life’s challenges, turned into excitement and anticipation.

I had truly found a new appetite for life.


As a coach at SOA, I look to bring out the fire in all our students and help them get the most out of themselves, as I know we all have some much to offer, especially to women.

I was very much a late bloomer in all areas in my life, especially women.

 Meet Ryan


Shy Guy Who Was Stuck After Relationship Ended

“Other people seem to get girlfriends without coaching, so why do I need help like this?”

All of Ryan’s friends had settled down or moved on, leaving him without any social circle.

After a year of being single and lonely, he finally decided that something needed to be done.

He enrolled soon after and over time, his confidence and skill became so good that he was dating very attractive girls – he was loving life!

He still made plenty of mistakes, but with coaches still guiding him, he was able to correct his mistakes quickly and keep progressing rapidly.

He applies the same principles for coaching students by putting everything into it and self-reflecting after every session to uncover what he can do better next time.

Read Ryan's Full Story
Hi I’m Ryan, Dating Coach here at SOA. I’m a naturally shy and introverted guy who likes to keep to myself. So when the three year relationship with my previous girlfriend ended, I was stuck. Most of my friends had settled down or moved on, so my social circle had practically disappeared.

Going to nightclubs to try to meet my next girlfriend didn’t appeal to me all, so I had literally no way to meet new women to date. For a whole year after the break-up, I was very lonely and very single. Eventually, an ex-girlfriend of mine recommended that I consider getting a dating coach, which led me to the School of Attraction website.

I contacted Damien about my interest and his response and ongoing exchanges were very helpful, prompting me to explore this option further. Damien kindly arranged for me to meet with Shayne, one of the School of Attraction coaches. I remember how nervous and how weird I felt waiting for him. “This isn’t normal,” I thought to myself. “Other people seem to get girlfriends without coaching, so why do I need help like this?” was another thought that popped into my head.

I was also concerned about how out there and weird this coach could be, considering everything I read and heard about “peacocking” and other pickup practices that all seemed very unusual for me. I met Shayne (a former dating coach at SOA) at a café and was immediately put totally at ease. Shayne was confident and very friendly.

I could relate to him and see myself becoming like him, if I applied myself. He had gotten better with women through consistent action and he wanted to help me and others like me to achieve success with women as well. We had coffee together and he told me tons of helpful information, and then even helped me to talk to some girls right then and there.

His feedback, advice and support were fantastic and I decided right at that moment to sign up to the next available Sincere Seduction Intensive twelve-week program.

Once the course started, I took all the excellent advice Damien gave myself and my fellow students and applied it right away, starting by setting small goals and achieving them. Over time, my confidence and skill at meeting and attracting women became good enough that I was getting numbers and getting dates with very attractive girls.

I was loving life! Being able to approach almost any woman I was attracted to in almost any situation and do my best to sweep her off her feet was what I’d always wanted to know how to do. And now I could do it!

From there, I fully dedicated myself to getting this area of my life totally handled once and for all. My full focus for the next six months was on becoming excellent with women, and that focus still remains to this day. Whereas in the previous year I was only able to have a total of two dates in an entire year, I was now regularly having two dates a DAY and as many as ten dates a week. I was truly enjoying it.

I still made plenty of mistakes, but with Damien, Shayne and the other SOA members’ support, I was able to learn from and correct my mistakes straight away and keep progressing rapidly. Before long, I had my first full seduction with a girl I had approached on the street. It felt amazing to know that I no longer had to rely on luck or friends to meet and attract girls.

I had the skill and ability to have as many women in my life as I wanted and it was a very empowering feeling. At a certain point, when my understanding of the attraction process had become very strong, I was offered the opportunity to become a School of Attraction coach.

I was flattered and a bit intimidated by the prospect of it. I accepted the offer and dedicated myself to it. Ongoing training and advice from Damien has helped me become the best coach I could be.

Since that time, I have been incredibly focused on becoming an amazing coach. I put everything into my coaching sessions and self-reflect after every session to uncover what I can do better next time to ensure that I am constantly improving. I now have over 1,000 hours of experience coaching men and I’m very proud to have developed techniques and systems to help students get really good at Day Game really fast.

I’m tremendously grateful to be a School of Attraction coach. I get tremendous pleasure from helping students achieve success in this area of their lives. I truly believe that every guy has the ability to become excellent with women. It is my job and ultimate purpose to help as many guys as possible to achieve their goals with women, creating the romantic life they desire, and helping them to be able to have excellent experiences and relationships with women for the rest of their lives.

 Meet Nate


Nice Guy In Recovery Who Was Always Friend Zoned

“It’s not about getting a number, it’s about getting what I want in life”

Nate’s only avenue for meeting women was through friends and once he was branded a ‘nice guy’, he was always friend zoned.

Diagnosed with depression and anxiety, he remembers the feeling in the pit of his stomach when he’d see beautiful girls, telling himself all the reasons he couldn’t approach.

In hindsight, they were excuses, armour to protect himself from rejection.

His first mind-blowing breakthrough was attending a session where he realised he can talk to strangers and they’d actually have a great time.

Soon everything else became clear – customers loved him, interviews were a breeze, he got promoted at his job and finally started going after what he wanted in life – this is what he focuses on and what he instills in students as a coach.

Read Nate's Full Story
*clears throat* Hi, I’m Nate and I’m a nice guy in recovery.

You see, I was in a long term relationship with the woman that I thought I was going to marry during my early 20s.

I would have done anything (and been extremely unhappy throughout the entire process) to keep the relationship alive.

Naive, right?

It should be no surprise that when I didn’t fit into her life anymore that I was very much stuck in one place.

I’m not really an extrovert or an introvert, I actually sit in the middle of this spectrum, so at times, meeting people was rather difficult.

My only avenue for meeting women really was through friends at parties and even then I was branded with the ‘nice guy’ stamp and that was that.

No matter how well I thought my life was going, women didn’t see me in any form of romantic light and they most certainly were not aware of any kind of romantic feelings I held towards them.

It was rather lonely, especially around other people…

Which isn’t the way things should be! It feels like such a paradox.

It was at this point that I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety and was struggling day to day just to get to work.

I was so afraid of being seen that I was flying under the radar to avoid being promoted.

My own boss didn’t know what I was capable of because I hadn’t felt worthy of showing it and putting myself in a situation where things would get harder.

The loneliness I experienced didn’t really end there.

Living in Sydney, I was seeing beautiful women that I would have loved to have connected with each and every single day.

I remember the empty pit in my stomach that I would get when I would see a woman I wanted to speak to and instantly my mind was at conflict with this desire to connect “you can’t do that”, “she will feel sleazed on”, “women are only interested in big muscles” and the list of reasons why I shouldn’t talk to a woman goes on!

In hindsight, they were really just excuses, armour that I was donning to protect myself from rejection.

At the end of the day, I was simply standing there looking like a deer looking straight into oncoming headlights.

I ended up reading Neil Strauss’ “The Game”. It didn’t really resonate with me and it was such a struggle to read at some points.

I got to the end and thought to myself “this bloke basically just built his confidence and duhhhhhhhh, women love confidence.

So how do I do that? I would like to be confident too”.

I most certainly wasn’t up to trying any of the routines in the book and didn’t see a correlation in confidence and those.

And rightly so, it turns out I would have been subconsciously telling myself “you’re not good enough” and done even more damage!

So what happened?

Oddly enough, I saw a Facebook ad for a free seminar for the School of Attraction.

I signed up and I was committed to attend.

Not sure how it targeted me to be honest, but I am glad that it did. Honestly, arriving at this seminar, I felt soooooo anxious!

But after chatting to Damien on arrival I felt somewhat at ease.

There was something really genuine about him.

I really enjoyed the content because it was all about being myself.

It was not about playing games, but about approaching with respect and being myself!

We live in a society where men are taught to play games to attract women and growing up, the mantra that was hammered in (even from women) was “treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen”.

This was the first time that I’d been told how to do things this way over “just be yourself” (which never helped me) since I’d spent my whole life hearing the opposite and that I need to treat them mean, it really resonated with me.

I had the best time as I wrote down and absorbed so many sentences.

At the end of the seminar, Damien held up a free book for whoever grabbed it first.

You wouldn’t have ever seen a white boy jump so high and fast – before I knew what I was doing, my legs had moved and I jumped higher than I ever have… almost toppling a group of chairs over.

There was a fire inside that had been ignited and I was starving for more.

I had been yearning for more and this just felt right.

I chewed through the book so quickly and found it to be rather entertaining so I signed and did a taster session.

The biggest thing I took away from the taster session was “holy crap! I can talk to these strangers and they will have a good time”.

For me, that was really mind-blowing. So naturally, I had to sign up!

I wouldn’t have it any other way. It opened me up to new passions as I learned that I love social psychology and helping people.

I found it all so fascinating.

As I continued through the course it became evident that I was a bit of a clown.

You see, I was using humour to keep people from seeing who I really am.

And do you want to know the weirdest thing?

As soon as I was taught how to drop that and show who I am when I needed to, suddenly I was able to connect with and take women out on dates.

And everything that I had done and learned started to ripple elsewhere too – customers at work loved me, interviews became a breeze, I started wearing the clothes that I wanted to/felt worthy of wearing, work in general started to not be such a drain and; I was promoted so quickly (just a few weeks) after I was suddenly confident enough to show what I could do.

For me, it all became about going after what I wanted from life and feeling worthy of it. It became my mantra.

While on my journey, I recall a woman asking me as she entered her number in my phone “so, do you just get heaps of girls numbers?” to which I responded without even thinking “it’s not about getting a number, it’s about going after what I want in life”.

She smiled and nodded her head. Wow, I didn’t even realise that was what it was about for me!

All the therapy and time sitting around didn’t do for me what learning to go after what I wanted in life had done.

I still smile fondly when I think back to some of the amazing women I have met.

Many, if not all of whom, I simply would never have met had I never taken the very first step.

 Meet Andy


Married The First Girl That Showed Interest

“After school I was concentrating on my career, hoping that once I’m rich and successful, girls will throw themselves at me. Boy, how wrong was I!”

Andy was so desperate for ‘Love’ that he married the first girl that showed interest in him at 22 years old. Surprise, Surprise – it was a disaster from day one.

After divorce, he developed strong mistrust towards women which made him controlling and clingy so again, his second relationship ended.

After much self-pity, he enrolled in the course and his real pain began.

He realised how inexperienced he was in all aspects of dating and experienced many embarrassing and painful failures but with the help of the coaches & mentors, he was able to stand back up every time and keep pushing to the point where everything changed.

After 1.5 years of consistent growth, he started training to become a coach. He focuses on getting students to overcome anxiety, grow confidence and become great men.

Read Andy's Full Story
In general I always struggled with women, especially in my younger years.

Being originally from Russia and growing up in New Zealand it was difficult for me blending in at school. I had trouble approaching my classmates not to mention girls.

They were unattainable for me to say the least.

After school I was concentrating on my career, hoping that once I’m rich and successful girls will throw themselves at me.

Boy, how wrong was I!

After my 3rd year at Uni I was 21 and desperate. Most of my friends were partying, going clubbing, had girlfriends or had girls they slept with.

I felt like I missed out on my teen years, so I had to catch up in my 20s.

I guess I was so desperate for “love” that I blindly thought that I have to marry any girl that would like me, which is exactly what happened.

I got married at 22 and a new chapter of my life had begun. Although in most countries to get married at 22 is considered to be a bit too soon, in Russia however most people marry very young.

I felt that I finally had my life sorted: a good and fun career, a wife and a possible prospect of wealth.

Of course that didn’t pan out as I hoped it would. My marriage went haywire from day one and I couldn’t care less until it was too late.

Not having a lot of experience with women I couldn’t read what was going on in my relationship.

And she was using it to her advantage, perhaps not even realising that she was doing it to me.

Thinking back to it now I can see so many things that flagged a bad relationship from the beginning.

The whole experience did teach me a lot.

And some of those things were good and helped me to develop further in my life, but some were bad and created a big catastrophe in my next relationship.

I divorced my ex-wife after 5 years of marriage at the end of 2011 and moved to Sydney to restart my life.

I was 27 at the time and thought I would concentrate back on my career and just live for myself for a while.

And so I did for a year, but then I quickly realised that something was missing.

I craved a woman’s touch and warmth.

Although my marriage was a disaster, I had a lot of good memories.

And since it was my first experience with women I wanted to find someone who can replace some of the bad memories I had about my past relationship.

And then I found her.

Back when I was 8 years old in Russia I had a girlfriend.

She was my mum friend’s daughter, and because of that we used to hang out a lot as kids.

Right before my family migrated to New Zealand we were in our early teens and had a bit of silly kids romance going on, as kids would at that age.

When I was in New Zealand in our early days me and her were still keeping in touch and writing each other letters every week.

But over the years we lost contact, right around when I turned 20.

And I didn’t know what she was up to since then. That was until the beginning of 2013, when I accidentally stumbled across her account in social media.

We started chatting and quickly realised that we still have feeling towards each other. She lived in Saint Petersburg, Russia, so that created a problem in communication, but we decided it will not matter and we will overcome that hurdle.

When I was with her I felt like I was with an angel. She made me feel like a real man. And for the first time in my life I was in love. Even to the day I still have great memories about her and our relationship.

Unfortunately as they say: “nothing lasts forever” (especially good things) and so as it was with my relationship with her.

After my marriage has fallen apart I have developed strong mistrust towards women, which made me controlling and clingy.

“Long distance relationships never last.” – my friends would tell me, but I didn’t want to hear them, I was in love. The long distance did play its trick on me and over time I became paranoid.

Scared that I would lose her, I tried texting and calling her as much as I could. To the point where I would text 5 -7 times a day everyday and would call her at least once a day.

My constant control and clinginess drove her away from me. I couldn’t see it at the time and what I was mentally doing to her. She has a very patient character and so she kept on enduring my emotional attachment with her. How blind was I at the time.

Eventually after over a year of our relationship, she broke up with me over the phone.

I was crushed by what happened.

I felt like we were soul mates and even planned to marry her. That was the worst time of my life. I have fallen into a dark depression and even had thoughts of a suicide.

My life had been crushed to pieces.

Although it was a very dark point of my life I did learn from this experience, which helped me in my future endeavour.

After a long time of self-pity I have decided I need to educate myself on the subject of women and I needed to have a much stronger confidence with myself as a men.

My friend suggested that I would look in to pick-up community. He was originally from Russia, but came here already in his late 20 and had a lot of experience with girls.

He told me that in Russia it is a common skill that most men learn from various pick-up communities.

So I did a bit of research on the Internet and found a couple of places in Sydney, but most of them didn’t convince me, until I stumbled across Damien Diecke’s seminar on YouTube.

That seminar wasn’t about pick-up or getting good with girls. It was about happiness and what does it mean to be happy.

This is that seminar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSDkvuWppPM

The more I watched it the more it made sense to me. I’ve realized this is exactly what was missing in my life.

I immediately was hooked. I decided I would do his 12 weeks dating course, so signed up online.

For me Damien was this big confident “celebrity portraying” character that I knew (at the time) I would never live up to. I saw him as one of those celebrity speakers like Tony Robbins.

And so when my phone rang and heard his voice I was over the moon, I didn’t expect that Damien himself would ring me to arrange a meeting.

I thought maybe some of the representatives or assistants would make the arrangement. I was extremely honoured and baffled over this call.

After meeting him in person I was convinced without doubt, that this was a new turning point in my life.

The course started and the real pain began.

I knew that I was extremely inexperienced with women, but I couldn’t even imagine how inexperienced I was with approaching.

I remember my first approach at my first practical session, which for me was the first ever approach in my life. It was day time at Pitt Street Mall.

Nick, who was one of our coaches at the time, pushed me to approach this woman, who was rushing somewhere (possibly on her way to work) I had to jog to reach her.

I stopped her by gently touching her shoulder.

She stopped, turned around and looked at me.

She looked amazing.

I still have a very vivid memory of that.

I opened my mouth, took a big breath and nothing came out.

It’s like I was frozen in place.

Not a single muscle moved.

She looked at me like I was an idiot with one eyebrow raised up and kept on walking.

This was my first ever embarrassing approach, one of many as it turned out later.

Over the course of 13 weeks I had too many awkward and embarrassing moments to recall.

Likely with the guidance of our coaches and mentors I was able to stand back up every time and learn from every failure.

I had numerous one night stands and relationships during my course, but the real success started after I finished the course.

One of the rare opportunities that School Of Attraction offers is that you can stay with the community indefinitely.

So after the course I began going out with my friends from SOA and decided that I wanted to become a mentor.

A mentor is one of the ex-student who excelled in the course and want to give back to the community, by going out with new students as their support guy.

After a year and a half of mentoring I realised that I enjoy teaching and coaching new guys. I felt incredible every time I saw progress of one of my mentees get better and better.

So right then I knew I wanted to become a coach for School of Attraction, sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

They opportunity came in early 2016 and I began my training, which lasted around 7 months.

I have been coaching for a while now and had tremendous support from Damien and all the coaches that helped me to become who I am today.

I’m extremely grateful to School of Attraction, all the mentors and coaches for their help.

My life has changed forever.

I didn’t just get better with women and approaching but also became a better man. And now as a coach, I encourage my student to take initiative and realise their potential.

I teach them to overcome anxiety, grow their confidence and become great men.

 Meet Kelvin


Failed On His Own For 12 Months Before Doing The Course

“They say when it rains , it pours…!”

After being a late bloomer, Kelvin stubbornly set about approaching strangers on his own and manages to get rejected for 6 months straight until getting his first girlfriend, who promptly broke up with him after a few weeks.

He kept trying for 12 months before admitting he needed help and enrolling into the course – to find his life take a massive turn for the better.

By the end of 12 weeks, he had not only smashed his initial goal of ‘I hope to get a few dates during the course’ but managed to finally meet girls and have them become interested in him anywhere he went.

He realises that after doing the course, he completely changed as a person and coaches students by sharing his own personal struggles and demons.

Read Kelvin's Full Story
Hi I’m Kelvin, Dating Coach here at SOA.

I’m generally a pretty introverted guy who likes to keep to myself.

So when the “safe” environment of high school had ended, and university life had begun, I found myself being one of the only guys amongst my close friends, who still hadn’t had any success with women whatsoever.

Not even a single date!

In fact, I probably hadn’t even talked to a girl outside the purposes of classroom activities.

It was during the first year of my medical degree that I finally decided to do something about it.

Being a pretty stubborn dude, I decided to tackle this area of my life by myself and began a year-long journey of trying to talk to as many strangers as I could on a day to day basis.

It was brutal…

I had no idea what I was doing, and with very little direction in how to improve, it took about 3 months before I got my first phone number.

Luckily, at this point, I had joined a small community of guys who also were working on this stuff and began receiving feedback on what I was doing.

Even so, it took another 6 months of consistent practice before I managed to get my first date!

From then on, I began getting a few dates here and there, but mostly the girls were not very interested in me, or even if they were, I managed to convince myself that they weren’t and let opportunities pass by.

Still, being a very stubborn guy, I persisted, changed the way I dated girls, and by the end of my second year in medical school (Now a full 2 years of speaking to new girls on a weekly basis!) I finally got my first girlfriend…

Unfortunately, that ended after a few weeks too!

What was my response? I put more effort into meeting as many girls as possible… But 12 months later, I was still in the same spot. No more progress had been made and frustration had begun to set in.

After going on a long backpacking trip to Europe, where I had many opportunities with girls but saw all of them fall by the wayside, I finally decided to seek some advice from Damien after I came back.

I had already known about The School of Attraction for a while, but actually meeting up with Damien and having a one on one chat was a big step for me.

I still remember my chat with Damien quite clearly, I am a firm believer that the only way to have long term success, is to set and maintain good habits so a long 12 week course like the one SOA offers, was a perfect fit for me.

I decided to sign myself up, and also decided to move into the city during this time so that I could be “closer to the action” and be able to go out multiple times a week to meet women.

My life at this point, took a massive turn for the better.

I had spent the first 3 years of my adult life, trying to interact with women with not much success at all but this was soon to all change… VERY quickly.

On my first practical with SOA, I met up with Adam and the other students and had a discussion regarding a plan on how it’s best to speak to girls during the daytime.

I was incredibly motivated and hungry for success, and did the first approach of the day while the rest of the students watched.

It was a success!

The girl who I spoke to was absolutely flattered that I spoke to her, and her friend was even insisting that she give me her number…

That was only the beginning though, for the rest of that session – which was 4 hours long – I managed to speak to about 15 girls, get 12 numbers and then later on during that following week, go on a date with about 7 of them…

They say when it rains, it pours…

This was certainly the case for me.

During the course, I continued to massively improve, and my results with women also followed.

By the end of 12 weeks, I had far exceeded my initial goals of “I hope to get a few dates during this course”…

Meeting girls, and having them become interested in me was no longer an issue at all, in fact, I had to even be selective in who I dated as my weekly timetable was packed with dates!

I had a lot of fun too with a lot of them.

Looking back though, success with women was only a small part of the whole story.

What I now realise is that after doing the course, I completely changed as a person.

I was walking and talking with an air of confidence that I had never had.

I was still the same person inside, but friends and family who had previously not seen me for a while, seemed to notice a big change in me, and always asked me what I had been up to recently as I seemed to be much more confident and fun to be around.

As a result, my relationships with people (not only girls) have improved dramatically as a result, which has no doubt served me in my medical studies, as well as my future career as a doctor.

It was about 6 months after the course had finished, that after having made such as dramatic positive change in my life that I decided I wanted to do the same for other students.

With some direction from Adam, who had now become a very close friend of mine, I decided to approach Damien about my interest to be a coach.

He set me a challenge… to perfect every “skillset” in the book.

From approaching, to making girls laugh, to building rapport, to not being ashamed of being sexual with girls…

If my journey to success with women was difficult, my journey to become a coach was even more so!

Over the preceding 12 months, I worked tirelessly going out at least twice a week to work on perfecting my skills with speaking to women, and then spent the 6 months after that, on training how to best utilise what I knew, and inspire and teach students with it.

By the beginning of 2015, I have finally managed to become a coach.

The journey here has taken nearly as long as my medical degree!!

And as a coach who began as a very socially withdrawn guy, who has been through an incredible amount of challenges and sticking points when it comes to interacting with women to get to where I am today, I believe I’m in a very unique position to help other students overcome their own challenges and achieve success with women.

I’m very grateful to be in this position where I have the opportunity to interact with and help many other guys with such a personal challenge, and I am committed to do whatever it takes to push you along your journey so that your success comes much quicker than it did for me!

Guest Coaches

We also include past coaches who have moved on to start their own companies or move elsewhere to new opportunities.

Because we’re a family here at School of Attraction, they are forever a part of us and do show up sometimes to guest coach.


Active 2014 – 2017

Duncan is a British psychologist who came on board to certify that our material was the best it could be. He moved on to focus on executive coaching and remarks often how businesses love that he was a dating coach and it helps him sell his training.


Active 2012 – 2015

Nick is a network engineer who moved to Bali to take a step back and create the best lifestyle imaginable for himself. He occasionally makes an appearance to hang out with us and give support and advice.


Active 2010 – 2014

Adam was our best coach and advocate who unfortunately passed away in 2014 from a sudden stroke. He had a huge impact in many of our coaches & students so to us, he is always a guest coach in our hearts.