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Most single guys are frustrated by the exact same problem today:


  • BUT books like 'The Game' are misogynistic and creepy
  • BUT spending thousands for one weekend bootcamp just isn't worth it
  • BUT the articles you read online are conflicting, and even the paid stuff is sketchy at best
  • BUT you've been burnt by dodgy so-called 'pick up artists' that are all about taking your money
  • BUT you're scared of looking weird to the girls and totally humiliating yourself

Here's the thing: so-called 'pick up artists' have always existed to give expensive sketchy advice that will make you look creepy, weird, misogynistic and ridiculous to women. The unfortunate thing is that anyone can say they're good with women - I mean what can 'pick up artists' do to prove it? Show you sex tapes or pictures of women they've slept with?

I'm sad to say that unfortunately some do show that stuff, and prove how much they lack integrity and respect for women. Not to mention the lawsuits waiting to happen..

But here's the thing

Forget those guys, get to know us and you'll see quickly that we're so different on so many levels.

*Everything was surprisingly easy...

The best part is that these guys are not the type of guys you see out standing awkwardly, not approaching with a game face that would creep their own mothers out. These guys have fun, they talk to women and they have become exceptionally good at it. A lot of guys have consistent success, have built their dating lifestyles to an amazing level, and have grown to become the men they always wanted to be. They are confident and they have fun even to a point of where women approach them just to be part of the fun.

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

Joined by hundreds of single men to enjoy Dating & Pickup Success

Regular, long-term coaching & mentoring
for the same price as a weekend bootcamp!

Here's the 3 Most Important Reasons You Should Work With Us

First and foremost we're all about respect for women. We're proud of everything we teach, and we believe strongly in making the world a better place. Women who learn all about what we teach men are cheering us on and asking us to reach as many men as possible.

Our primary focus is increasing your self confidence, bringing the real you out of your shell. No pickup lines, no routines, nothing you wouldn't normally say or do. You'll be saying and doing what the most confident version of yourself wants to say and do - this is totally different to being someone else.

All of our methods are scientific - we apply proven strategies applied in other industries and use it to sky-rocket your ability with women. Think about it - there's a ton of business strategies that can be applied to dating; Selling for example since pickup is essentially selling yourself. Think about the top athletes, we can learn from them what it means to master something and how to approach a new skill. These are just a couple of examples - everything we do is steeped in science. This is how we get results quickly and how we can back up everything we teach.

Putting it all together

When these 3 important elements are put in place, there's no chance of you looking 'creepy', 'weird' or 'gamey' because you're just being YOU, just a more self confident version of you. When you go to approach a lady you don't know, bystanders will think you and the lady have known each other for years - there's just the simplicity of learning to be comfortable in your own skin so that women can appreciate you. We make no judgements on what type of relationship you're looking for - whatever you want, we'll show you how to get it the right way; whilst respecting yourself, respecting the ladies around you, increasing your capabilities and confidence to get whatever you want, whenever you want.

So what's really keeping you from getting the girl(s)?

*Not knowing what to expect from Damien and his team and not knowing how well he'd be as a coach, I would be lying if I said I wasn't still a little sceptical to whether he was the real deal or not when it came to my first practical. However this scepticism quickly disappeared as I not only saw women opening them constantly but seeing them handle it like a smooth m*therf*cker. I manage to see how good they were and just oozed confident energy everywhere they went. I remember thinking to myself I want to be like these guys!"

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

24/7 access to the best course that we know of on the planet

We make the decision easy for you...

School Of Attraction Logo Weekend Bootcamp
Cost same same
Time 3 months 1 weekend
In-Field Coaching 52 hrs 16 hrs
Personal Phone/Email Support 24/7
Scientifically Backed Theory
Track & Improve Weak Areas
Personalised Pathway
Personal Mentoring service
Opportunity to make money
Australia's Most Active Community

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*I'll just tell you straight up, the Sincere Seduction Intensive course is without a doubt the best educational investment I've ever made. I've completed a degree in Psychology, and also a Counselling Diploma, but I've actually learnt much more from Damien, Adam, and my mentors. The reason is because the course is 80% practical and 20% theoretical, rather than studying.

When I first started, I was literally shaking with nerves. But now, only 2.5 months later, I can go out during the day or night and approach just about any woman I want (I've approached girls with their mums, and even girls on their mobile phones whilst in Sportsgirl). And the best thing is that now I'm having the time of my life, I've never felt so alive. I've been getting numbers every week, and I've also learnt how to build enough rapport to get instant dates with women on the spot. These women, after the instant date, actually message me to hang out again. In other words, I got measurable results.
After the first practical I was 100% better. I could not believe the results.

Today I tell everyone that this wonderful course has given me a life I'm proud of, as I enjoy being young and everything that it has to offer.

The best thing about Sincere Seduction Intensive is that they won't change who you are. You'll still be the same guy, just a more confident version. They won't make you use any stupid gimmicky tricks or lines, it's based on genuine and solid psychology of what works in terms of getting connected with other people. I was so impressed that there was no manipulation involved. That would have been a deal breaker for me. School of Attraction doesn't rely on this, instead, you learn to have the confidence to speak your mind, and follow through with your actions, and it simply works. Who would have thought?..

** This Testimonial Is A Single Individual's Experience, Your Results May Vary


Don't believe us? See below for a detailed summary of what's included in the program

52 Hours of In-Field Coaching

27 Hours of Scientific Theory

Personal Mentor Service

Unlimited Email & Phone Support

Australia's Most Active Community

Get All Your Questions Answered

Make Money & Save Money

Weekly Q & A Sessions With Coach

Over 52 Hours of In-Field Coaching

Hone Your Skills Every Week!

Every week you meet with either a coach or a mentor for 4 hours where he'll watch you talk to women, help you overcome any challenges and motivate you to accomplish your goal.

SOA coaches have undergone one of the most rigorous training programmes imaginable. They don't just have to be great with women, but they have to be genuinely amazing at getting the best results from you. They have all been through the 3 month Sincere Seduction Intensive program, and then been individually hand-picked and trained by Damien.

These sessions are very powerful and our coaches are very, very good at what they do.

*My First Practical... I Went Home With A Girl!

From the first practical, you understand what it's all about. I was so nervous walking into the club wondering what I had gotten myself into. We start off slowly by just being social and having fun. Then it's time to approach girls and complete your goals for the night. My coach sometimes joined in with me and sometimes I was on my own.

I felt more and more comfortable as time went on and plucked up the courage to ask a girl on a date.

I was completely amazed when she said yes. I thought for sure she would turn me down or worse slap me in front of everyone. Even now as I think about it, most of it had to do with having a great time, being social and talking to people

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

27 Hours of Scientific Theory

Advice you won't find anywhere else!

Every week, watch a new 2-Hour theory session online delivered by Damien. You can watch and re-watch these sessions any time at your leisure.

Understand which changes you need to make and why. These sessions will give you the framework for your in-field sessions. You will also enjoy perspective through the structure and avoid getting too stuck in your head.

*One Of The Biggest Things I Gained Was Comfort In My Own Skin...

As the weeks went on, I was starting to get some major improvement through the constant momentum. My goals were getting much more challenging and complex. My communication skills with women were improving and I was quickly getting better results with the women I talked to. I was getting more numbers, isolating and even got my first club phone number! One of the biggest things I gained was comfort in my own skin. I was confident in the club, I was having fun and I was starting to really push the envelope in my interactions and was starting to smash some limiting beliefs I had in regards to interacting with women in the club.Thank you!.

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

Personal Mentoring & Becoming A Mentor

Past students who've been there, do it, now it's their turn to help you!

Your mentors will meet you fortnightly in between your in-field sessions with your coach. Your mentors are there to be your wingman, to give you support and give you another perspective.

Your mentor will be that confident friend you need to do this on your own. These sessions cultivate independence from your coach so that you learn to do it on your own but so that it's not too scary, your mentor will be there to guide you.

After 9 weeks, you will further your skills by mentoring a newbie. This is how you come full-circle. Head out and support a newbie in his journey and help him get his game happening. Your newbie will be your mirror and will make you see how far you've come in 2 months and take your confidence to a new level.

*My mentor was honest with me as to where he was at, he didn’t pretend to be a coach nor a man who has supreme success with women, He was just a guy who was a little further down the track than I was and who could understand and relate to where I was at - which meant I couldn’t bullsh*t him when it came to certain things and he'd know exactly why I failed to do something. He would then be able to give me his advice based on his experience on the same sticking point and situations and where he was unsure; he would ask one of the other SOA coaches. I loved these sessions.

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

Personal Email & Phone Support

Never worry about what to do with a girl

Weird situations come up that you haven't learnt about?

Don't worry! Email, text or call your coach and get an answer as soon as possible!

Understand what your coach would do in your situation and why - this is the best way to learn.

*The Support Throughout This Course is Outstanding...

I had an okay life, got into a long term relationship and felt frustrated that I was not able to make the choices I wanted to. I decided it was time to take responsibility for my future and start making things happen.

My fear was that this would be just another course - I had done so many and nothing had changed. Then I saw the potential that was possible - the success stories - I made a decision to really give it a go, and what really helped me was the support I received through coaching, mentoring, student support, and relationships with fellow students.

I was able to learn exactly what I needed to become a successful seductionist. I was not the fastest person to pick up a girl! It took me a while to get how much of a difference I could really make for myself and for someone else. I had to work through my own stuff first, which is great, because now I feel anything is possible! I ended up picking up the same amount of girls I used to pick up... for half the time and the effort! How great is that! I now get to make my life matter on a much grander scale, I’m bored much less than I used to be, I get to choose who I date. Best of all, I love what I do and who I am! I cant thank the team at The School of Attraction enough for helping me see my true potential. Two months ago, I could never have imagined that this is how great it could be!

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

Australia's Most Active Community

Ever wondered where you can find the best wingmen on the planet? Look no further!

Our awesome community is full of awesome guys that hangout together and have heaps of fun. We love our guys so much that we hang out with them on our nights off.

They're that good.

We also have regular events and hangouts where we chill out and have fun making new friends.

*The Community Bond Is Strong And Improvement Is Quick!

After completing the course, a majority of students, mentors and coaches are tight..., our community, friendships and bonds are strong and therefore the improvement goes beyond completion of the course!! One of SOAs strengths is the motivation behind each person in the community; you see them constantly out; organising outings to go out and work on this stuff, giving advice from their experiences and contributing information into the community. I am confident that if I go out to a popular night club, I will come across SOA guys, even if I didn’t plan ahead and organise a friend, I know ill always find one there. This is gold!!

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

Get All Your Questions Answered

A forum with students and coaches dedicated to helping one another.

All of our coaches were students once, just like you. Read how Adam,Cristian,Nick & Duncan went from being where you are to becoming amazing coaches. They worked hundreds of hours to be successful and their journey is highlighted step by step on the forum.

Yes, you will get access to their story, and everyone else's!

*This teaching is not only good for meeting high calibre girls, but improving relationships with male and female friends and work colleagues.

Having experienced the best and most famous dating coaches in United States and London, Damien and his coaches are of the highest standard worldwide. His skills are fantastic and his attention to the student is unsurpassed.

However the critical point, is that they have their shit together - they are balanced and normal guys. When you are tuning your goals and personality, these are the kind of people who will lead you in a normal direction. Everyone should do a course with Damien. We are incredibly lucky to have him still living / teaching in Sydney.

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

Make Money & Save Money

Our students see this course as the best financial investment they've ever undertaken


Because during and after the course, they stopped drinking alcohol to attract women. This meant they saved the same amount of money they put towards the course.

Because if they become a coach, they are paid a minimum of $100/hr. Doesn't take a genius to realise how much money can be made.

Because everything they learn can be applied to their everyday life. During and after the course, students have mustered up enough courage to ask their boss for a raise, start their own business doing what they love and even improve relationships with friends and family.

The limits are boundless.

*Paying the money was the best decision I ever made

I have made friends with men who were motivated and pushed each other to succeed, who supported each other and helped each other to achieve a common goal; being involved with this kind of social group not only taught me a lot but also helped me raise the bar.

Damien and his team’s knowledge and experience in the field taught me things that would have taken me a long time to figure out if I were to have done it on my own, To this day I still seek out advice and they are more than happy to give it to me. They have overseen my progress in this journey and till this day, are more than happy to help me with any challenges I face.

I look back at the day when I was about to pay the money for the course, thinking to myself "Man you are probably going to regret this". Little did I know that the value I’d get out of it at the time, the amazing experience, the life changing insights and the friendships made; the course not only improved my game but I’ve made high value friendships as well as become part of something extraordinary and unique. I look back at that day when faced with paying the money and think that it was best decision I ever made.

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

Weekly Q + A Sessions With Your Coach

1 hour a week to discuss anything you like

Your weekly Q & A sessions allow you to ask anything, share any struggles and bond with your coach.

These sessions allow for unique circumstances to come up and ensure you get answers to anything we may not have covered in the course.

*I had taken CONTROL of my own success with women

I’d been to a couple of workshops before, and some of them were pretty fun, but working with Damien was a different experience altogether. I left feeling like I had taken control of my own success with women, like I could keep getting better without ever falling into a stagnant rut again. Highly recommended!

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

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Watch This Documentary Following 5 Students Through One Of Our Programs

Youtube Video

How It Works - Structured over 3 months for long-term permanent results

Ever seen permanent long-lasting results in one weekend? Neither has science.


Attend Practical in-field sessions with coach or mentor

Usually a Friday/Saturday evening or Saturday/Sunday day. Your in-field sessions are usually a mix of day and night sessions. In the day, you will talk to ladies out and about at parks, attractions etc. In the night sessions, you will talk to ladies in night clubs. Your coach and mentor will be instrumental in giving you success in both environments. You can choose to do your full course in all day or night environments.

Attend 3 hour theory + Q & A session with Coach

Held on a weeknight usually Tuesday or Wednesday evenings

Complete Homework Preparation And Create Weekly Goals

Be prepared for every coaching session by both completing some homework tasks, then submitting goals you are determined to achieve that week. Your coaches and mentors will be dedicated to helping you complete your goals.

Here's an example of how the course is structured

All dates and times are flexible and will be organised with you prior to the course starting

What subjects are covered in the course

Everything you could possibly need to know to be good with women

Managing State

Approach Anxiety

Building Confidence

Mastering Conversation

Building Rapport

Banter & Humour

Telling Stories

Mastering Texting

Body Language

Dating 101

Sexual Escalation

Eliminating Flaking

Keeping Motivated

Casual Sex

Being Happy


Problem Solving



And Tonnes More...

Q & A

Don't worry, we can change dates to suit you. If you're off on a holiday we can put the course on hold for you. If you're sick, we'll change dates around for you.

Damien was determined to create a program that focussed on results for YOU before profits. He designed this 3 month program specifically so that it could match the price point of a high end weekend bootcamp, but deliver so much more value that there would be absolutely no competition

We don't allow drinking in any of our practical sessions. We don't want anyone using alcohol as a crutch to give them fake confidence. We've had clients who have made up the course investment price by simply avoiding alcohol for the 3 month period.

Yes, we most certainly do offer a range of payment options from up front reduced price payments up to 12 month plans.

Absolutely. The process we provide has taken years to perfect and we know that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before in the industry. Guys who need to be pushed into the theory sessions because they ‘know it all’ always come out grateful that they attended. Trust us, there’s plenty for you to learn yet.

All of your sessions will take part in and around the Sydney CBD. We have a variety of day and night venues we frequent, but where we go from week to week will vary based on weather and seasonal fluctuation.

Sadly, this is a fear that a lot of men have. We will personally screen you prior to commencing a program with us. There certainly can be circumstances under which we may be unable to help such as if you are suffering from a psychiatric disorder. But if you are simply a socially awkward guy, who has little to no experience with women or who suffers from a chronic case of social anxiety then, we can definitely help you. If we accept you into the program and you don't get great results, then we will offer you 100% money back. This guarantee is written into your contract so that we are legally obliged to fulfil the warranty.

We do offer private coaching for those guys that prefer their privacy. However, it does cost considerably more and in our experience, doing the course with other guys builds a camaraderie that helps you build momentum and keep pushing yourself at an accelerated rate. The community we have is the most supportive environment you will find and this is incredibly valuable to your success.

In fact, if you complete the entire 3 month program and you haven't gotten incredible results, we'll give you your money back.

We're just that confident in this program.

Yes I want to do the course!
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*Fun Experience...

By the end of the course, I was sparking new conversations with woman without hesitation, was quick witted and had made a genuine connection in only a few minutes nearly every time. Having these genuine connections and long conversations allowed me to know a lot more about the woman I was meeting, and afforded me the luxury of making more informed decisions on who I wanted to pursue a date with.

More importantly, I was having fun and what seemed like a daunting task to go out and meet women suddenly became more enjoyable and fun experience. Thank you again!

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

*You'll achieve levels of success you thought impossible!

I used to be very shy with new people, now I am very comfortable in my own skin, and to my surprise, I am seen as a group leader in most interactions.

The course is really hard work, it does take you out of your comfort zone and make you see clearly your own issues and face your flaws. You have to commit to it, once you do, you will achieve levels of success in interactions with women that you thought impossible.

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person

Students Discuss Their First Practical Session

Video Testimonial 1

What was your favourite course experience?

Video Testimonial 2

Why did you sign up for the 3 month course?

Video Testimonial 1

Students discuss how amazing the community has been for their progress

Video Testimonial 1

*Everything was surprisingly easy...

I am one of those guys who changed my life when the Sincere Seduction pick up program worked for me!! I suffered with not being able to find the right women all my life! I've had relationships that ended badly, had trouble meeting new women, getting stuck in the friend zone, not telling them what I want...you name it!! This was my one chance to change things forever... I knew it would take me weeks to change my habits. After the first practical "I was blown away", at how quickly my skills doubled . I felt awesome, and glad to steadily increase my skills as time went on. I'm a believer!!

Frank R.
*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person