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Who We Are

School of Attraction is a dating education company with one motto: "Leave No Single Man Behind". We provide free and paid courses for men to achieve success with women.

Started by Damien Diecke in 2008, SOA has gone on to become Australia's largest dating coaching company, now setting it's sights worldwide.

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School of Attraction 2.0 Is Coming

You won’t believe some of the things we got lined up!
First thing’s first – we’ve really dropped the ball these last few years…

Some of this had to do with the fact that I have had some health issues leading to suffering from debilitating anxiety again, and some of it had to do with the fact that I just felt like I had been growing out of the whole dating and pickup scene.

I was feeling frustrated and wanted things to change in the men’s development industry, but wasn’t sure what that change needed to be.

I Did Some Soul Searching…

And I realised that SOA doesn’t have to just be a dating and pickup company.

We’ve seen guys suffering internally and desperately looking for a supportive environment to share frustrations and grow.

So we’re growing SOA into a bigger and better self development company.

Where men can share their struggles with all aspects of life, not just with women.

And create an environment where we can be vulnerable and push through limiting beliefs (something we’ve wanted for a very long time).

So We’re Putting All Our Focus Back On Building Community

The community is what made us who we are and from now on, our whole business is going to be about the community.

Here’s some of the things we’re doing:

We’re Adding A Community To Practice Social Skills

A lot of guys struggle with getting pushed in the deep end of approaching women.

So if you’re particularly shy or perhaps you struggle with getting out of your head, knowing what to say on the spot or being funny – we’re going to create a way for you to practice these skills in the coming months.

Coming Soon!

We’re Adding A Community To Approach Women Regularly

A lot of guys find it hard to find friends who will approach strangers with them.

So we’re creating a regular event called, ‘Approachathon’ – a night where you can approach women in a supportive environment.

Back when I started out, there was a community of guys that would meet regularly to go out, whether you did a course or not – and we’re going to replicate that.

We’re Adding A Men’s Group

A men’s group is a structured event where guys can share their frustrations and get support from other men.

It’s designed to give men a judgement-free place to vent, to get feedback and create changes.

We tried something similar a few years ago and it worked amazingly.

We’re bringing it back.

Coming Soon!

We’re Gamifying Dating & Self-Development

It’s very hard for guys to keep perspective with things aren’t going their way.

So we’re going to be creating a community points system where guys are awarded points and badges every time they’re putting themselves out there, smashing limiting beliefs and getting s**t done.

This is so that:

-Students & the community can see how much work you’ve put into yourself, AND

-We can put groups of guys together who are on a similar skill level to grow quicker

Coming Soon!

We’re Updating Everything (Nothing Is Likely To Be The Same)

We are going back to basics – focusing on the needs of our students and updating everything

The Website Has Changed

You’ll notice the website looks different with a fresh new look where we put focus back on building community.

Diviya Is Back

Diviya was with me in the early days and was directly responsible for our amazing early growth.

She’s back and ready to add some fresh new creativity back into SOA.

The 12 Week Course Is Changing

Because we’re changing so much and focusing on community, we don’t know what the 12 week program will look like in future.

So if you’ve been meaning to do the course, now is the time to do it.

We’re not even sure if it’ll exist in the current format moving forward.

We’re Actively Looking For Feedback

We’ll be calling everyone that does something with us for feedback, so we can understand what’s working and what’s not.

So feel free to let us know if there’s anything to be improved – we’ll take all feedback very seriously.

Also you may find some disruptions or errors in the coming months, please be patient with us as we create the best dating and self development community for men.

We’re Creating The Community We Want To Be A Part Of

It doesn’t matter how well you’re doing with women, how successful you are in general or whether you’re single or in a relationship – we want to create a place where you can go and connect with like-minded guys.

That’s our vision and what I’m personally looking for.

If you want the same, be part of our email loop by downloading the book below and commenting below on your thoughts.

We’ll send you a callout as we launch each of these elements.

Talk soon,


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