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Dating Courses For Adult Men

The Best Dating Courses For Men

All courses are money back guaranteed. Fix your dating or your money back!

In Person Coaching

Practice Every Weekend With A Mentor

Sincere Seduction Lifestyle

Get Out With A Mentor Every Week To Meet Women And Make Great Friends

Let a mentor take you out every week and motivate you to approach women, and help keep you generally motivated.

This is your chance to join Sydney’s most vibrant community of single men looking to meet women.

When: Every Week

Where: Sydney CBD

Who: Over 18 advanced

What: 200 per month

Professional Dating Coching

Sincere Seduction Weekend

One Intense Weekend Coaching With Australia’s Top Dating Experts

This jam-packed course over 1 weekend allows you to fix your dating once and for all. Under the guidance of coaches, mentors and the community.

This course is about getting you out there talking to women and improving your social, flirting, and escalation skills.

When: Full Weekend

Where: Tourist areas/bars

Who: Over 18 beginners/advanced

What: 3000

Masculinity Weekend Retreat

The Dangerous Man Retreat

A Weekend In The Mountains Discovering Your Unique Masculine Core

Come away with head-coach Damien Diekce for a weekend exploring the darkest partrs of yourself as a man. 

Walk away with a deeper understanding of who you are what what you stand for in the world

When: Full Weekend

Where: Tourist areas/bars

Who: Over 18 beginners/advanced

What: 2500

Having Trouble Deciding?


Have a free 30-minute coaching call with company founder Damien Diecke.

He’ll give you some personal insight into what changes will get you personally the fastest results and help point you to which programs will best suit your needs.

Online Training

Digital And Audio Book

Sincere Seduction

Read Our Award Winning Book

Everything any man needs to know to impress a woman. Insightful and, often, hilarious. A Bronze Medal Winner.’ – The Wishing Shelf Awards

This book includes everything a beginner needs to know from creating the right mindset, to getting the date, sex, relationships and everything in between.

When: read on your schedule

Where: Your home/car/work at your pace

Who: Over 18 beginner

What: 35.00 Includes E-Book & Audiobook

Master Online Dating

School Of Online

Top Hacks For Getting More Matches On Dating Apps


It’s not in Tinder’s best interest for you to get matches because they want you on their database for as long as possible.

In this course, we go through all the tips and tricks you need to know to increase matches and get dates. It’s a paint by numbers system that works!

When: online on your schedule

Where: Your home as you practice by yourself

Who: Over 18 beginner

What: 399.00

Comprehenisve Course

Sincere Seduction Online

Video Tutorials From The Intensive Course Without The Price Tag


Go at your own pace through over 27 hours of content covering everything you could possibly need to know about dating, women and attraction. 

Also includes unlimited support as you try this out on your own

When: online on your schedule

Where: Your city as you practice on your own by yourself

Who: Over 18 advanced

What: 699.00

Enjoy A Full Money Back Guarantee On All Courses

If you do the course in full and notice no improvement, we will give you your money back. Simple as that.

98% of our students

recommend buying from us

“All I could think as I was doing the course was, “Man, I wish I had done this sooner, I would have saved myself so much money and heartache.”

Connor, 48, Software Developer

” Everything was surprisingly easy… These guys have fun, they talk to women and they’ve become exceptionally good at it. It was SO much easier learning with them.”

Stuart, 35, Marketing Manager

“One of the biggest things I gained was comfort in my own skin… As the weeks went on, I was starting to get some major improvement through the constant momentum. My goals were getting much more challenging and complex. My communication skills with women were improving and I was quickly getting better results with the women I talked to.”

John, 24, Student

“Having experienced the best and most famous dating coaches in United States and London, Damien and his coaches are of the highest standard worldwide. His skills are fantastic and his attention to the student is unsurpassed. We are incredibly lucky to have him still living / teaching in Sydney.”

Shayne, 19, Construction Worker

“Paying the money was the best decision I ever made I have made friends with men who were motivated and pushed each other to succeed, who supported each other and helped each other to achieve a common goal; being involved with this kind of social group not only taught me a lot but also helped me raise the bar. Damien and his team’s knowledge and experience in the field taught me things that would have taken me a long time to figure out if I were to have done it on my own”

Jack, 25, Lawyer

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Online Dating Cheatsheet

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The Award Winning Book

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School Of Online Dating

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Sincere Seduction Lifestyle

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Sydney, Australia

Sincere Seduction Weekend

3000 | In Person


Sydney, Australia