Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we offer a range of payment options on a number of our programs. To find out what plans we can offer on which programs, give us a call on 1300 443 429

What happens if I find a really great girl to be in a relationship with half-way through the course?

This is quite a common question guys ask at the beginning but the fact is that this rarely happens! The truth is that guys that have never had really beautiful women pay them any attention before suddenly get interest from all over the place and needless to say that they are hesitant to settle down so quickly as it’s all too much fun. Honestly, this is the outcome we want because when these guys actually find that really cool chick to settle down with, they know that it’s an absolute choice instead of an "I’ll take who I can get” mentality. This of course leads to happy relationships and the peace of mind that “you know, I could have all the sex in the world but I don’t want to; I want this amazing woman that I’m holding right now”. That is the ultimate reality.

I feel I know my theory inside out. Do I really need to attend the theory sessions?

Absolutely. The process we provide has taken years to perfect and we know that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before in the industry. Guys who need to be pushed into the theory room because they ‘know it all’ always come out grateful that they attended. Trust us, there’s plenty for you to learn yet.

Do you provide private courses?

We do offer private coaching for those guys that prefer their privacy. However, it does cost considerably more and in our experience, doing the course with other guys builds a camaraderie that helps you build momentum and keep pushing yourself at an accelerated rate. The community we have is the most supportive environment you will find and this is incredibly valuable to your success.

What makes SOA so good at what they do?

We have an impeccable reputation for creating a successful social life in every student we take on. Our focus is on keeping that 100% success rate alive and we go to great lengths to keep that. Our service is fantastic and most times, students will refer to their coach as a great friend more than a teacher. That’s a mark of extraordinary learning.

Where are all sessions held?

All theory and practical sessions will be held in the CBD area of the city in which you are taking the School of Attraction course. We utilise a variety of clubs to suit weather, seasonal, and personality variance that occurs throughout the program.

Do you offer courses in other states and countries?

Yes, we have run programs in all capital cities around Australia as well as in Las Vegas, Miami, Thailand, and many others. School of Attraction loves exploring new cities, so if we don’t have a program listed for your city, Contact Us and let us know!

What kind of events does SOA host for their members?

We take fun very seriously! We make sure our guys are happy and so do that we host events such as day game courses, strip club meetups, massage courses, tantra, fashion styling courses, laser tag, hiking, overseas holidays, rock climbing, basically anything the guys want to learn we attempt provide.

I have recently broken up from a mentally scarring long term relationship. How can you help me?

The courses we provide give guys like you all your control back. We understand how much of a toll a hard relationship can make on a mind so we show you how to get out and about, give you great guys to hang out with and basically provide you an amazing social life on a platter.

I have suffered with depression/anxiety in my life. Does your course cater for people like me?

Yes. Damien, the Head Coach suffered from severe acute panic attacks and anxiety when he was younger and most of the methods we use currently are ones that he used to get himself out of his bedroom when he felt the world was crumbling around him.

Do you offer courses for women in dealing with men?

YES! we absolutely do. School of Attraction works with both men and women.

How do I know that you’ll actually help me like you say you will?

So you’re still not convinced that our 100% success rate is reassuring? We understand that. Therefore, we also provide a 100% money back guarantee for additional protection. We believe that we should be held accountable for your success.

Are there options to continue getting coaching if I felt I wanted more?

We offer a range of specialised programs for students who want to take their success with women, or in their life to a new level. Thanks to our amazing team, our programs include, but aren’t limited to, Online Dating Mastery, Rapid Sexual Escalation, Life Coaching, Fashion Consulting, Fitness Instruction, Nutrition Advice, Long Term Relationship Master and much much more… These programs are usually only available to students who have completed one of our 12 week programs with us.

Will there be guys for me to head out with whenever I want?

Yes. We have sections on the forum for guys to post up when they’re in the mood to head out. You’ll find that once you’re getting the results, you’ll want to go out all the time including weeknights and Sundays. If you turn up on a Friday or Saturday night at the the night club you’re guaranteed to bump into at least 10 SOA guys working on their game. That’s support for you!

Why do I need a community?

We’ve created something very hard to find these days, a bunch of like-minded guys all dedicated to their success pushing each other to their goal. This alone is immensely valuable to your pick up success. All mentors and students essentially become great friends, helping each other and finding a cool bunch of guys to not only party with but also even go on holidays with. You will be a part of that. This isn’t just a bunch of guys who like to talk a lot, this is a group of guys dedicated to taking action and becoming successful.

Who is a mentor?

Your mentor is a student who has done exceedingly well since coming on board with us who will take you under his wing through this whole process. You will be able to become a mentor and guide others once you feel you are ready. In our experience, you never learn as quickly as when you’re teaching another.

How Do I Become An SOA Coach?

We take the quality of our Coaches extremely seriously. Just being good at ‘picking up’ women isn’t even close to being good enough. The following are current requirements to be a coach. 1) You must have completed a 12 week Sincere Seduction Intensive program with us 2) You must demonstrate a level of proficiency attracting women 3) You must clearly demonstrate a desire to adhere to a policy of integrity and honesty at all times when talking to women 4) You must clearly demonstrate an ability and true desire to help men. Coaching must be about helping others, not helping yourself to feel better about your insecurities.