Learn from Guys That Have Been Where You Are Now

We promise to NEVER give you female coaches. WHY? Because they haven't put in 1000s of hours speaking to 1000s of different types of women, they only know what they think aught to work without ever having put the hard yards in to test their theories. Learn from guys who have shed blood, sweat and tears into learning to find success with women. They were in your position not that long ago, understand how you're feeling because they've felt it before and know exactly what to do to help you maximise your pickup success.

We've selected coaches that have had different struggles and use different methods of attracting women - ALL of which are awesome.

Our coaches are very skilled and have thousands of hours of in-field pickup experience.

Here's our Team Difference

An Elite Team With Diverse Backgrounds To Best Help A Diverse Range Of Clients


Finance Trainer That Overcame Acute Severe Anxiety Disorder To Become Australia's #1 Dating Coach


The Former Class Clown That Learned To harness His Desire To Laugh To Become Impossibly Charming


The unlucky 'nice guy' at school to Dating Rockstar


Dr. Love


IT Geek that overcame nervous chatter to build fulfilling connections with amazing women


A shy desperate Introvert turned in to Mr. Creative Extraordinaire!

All coaches have different experiences, different struggles and different successes and you have a lot to learn from each of them to build your own pickup process that works every time.

Our Training Works Long-Term

Ever mastered a skill in a weekend? Of course not. That's why we only offer 13 week long-term bootcamps to create long-lasting success. At the end of 13 weeks, you will have the framework to continue working on your own without a coach. We will show you how to keep getting success on your own long after you have finished training with us.

We only use scientific research and apply it to dating

Everything we teach is based on peer review research found in other industries such as psychology, sporting and business. We apply this research to many aspects of attraction such as success, goal setting, mastery and confidence and apply these to attraction and dating. This is the secret of how we create consistent success for our students and how we can focus on honesty and integrity as the foundation of our teachings.

The theory sessions will give you a good framework for the research that you will apply into your flirting skills and you'll get the opportunity to practice before approaching women in bars or out and about.

Be part of SOA's buzzing community of Awesome Guys

All our students are still part of the SOA community, learning, dating and taking their skills to the next level. They all learn to attract with integrity and are awesome guys who the coaches like to hang out with on their nights off.

The community has become SOA's biggest asset. The forum is very active with over 20 new posts a day and regular feedback from coaches. Our students are so tight that they go out by themselves and have wingmen at their fingertips on any given night. We also organise regular free events for students to connect, have fun and make new friends. Attracting women should be fun.

Sincere Seduction Training Designed For The Smart Man

Smart guys like you don't have time to waste on band-aid solutions like weekend bootcamps or insincere pick up lines. You know that if you're going to spend good money on fixing this area of your life, you want the tools for long-term success. You don't want to waste any more time and energy. You want the woman now and you want the woman in 6 months, 1 year and 10 years time and what you learn now will still apply. Pick up lines and routines get old but what you learn now will be useful forever - even when a long-term relationship ends.

Our Coaches Are Qualified

The qualifications our coaches obtain range from a certified Corporate trainer, a Life Coach, NLP Coach, Public Speaking Coach, Sales Coach and a Corporate Psychologist.

We are not 'Pick up Artists'. We know what we're talking about and we have the qualifications to prove it.

We Teach You To Attract The Women You Really Want

We will give you the tools to attract the kind of girls you dream about. We will show you how to attract any woman you want. Forget waiting for women to come to you. YOU will be the one choosing from now on.

Most of The Dating Advice Out There is Bull$@#t And Dangerous To You

Pick up lines, routines, lying and deceiving women may get a lady's attention and work in the short-term BUT you will never get her respect. She knows [subconsciously or otherwise] that you don't know how to be yourself and are not comfortable in your own skin. This is setting yourselfup for failure. Failure to get her out on a date, Failure to cultivate a healthy relationship and Failure to gain your lady's respect. This is most important because after all - we're doing this so that when we find the woman we want, we know how to hold on to her.

Even more dangerous than this is how your own confidence will suffer when you feel that the only way to get women to pay attention to you is by manipulating, lying and playing games with them.

Imagine the self confidence you'll get when you know that you're being yourself and women like you. Imagine the respect you'll get from women when they can see you're being yourself. Women are human lie detectors. They may not make a scene and slap you but they know when you're being fake. Avoid this at all costs.

The Benefits Go Way Beyond Attraction & Dating

The benefits you'll get outside of dating is enormous. When you learn to be confident with women, you will suddenly be confident in your work. You will suddenly ask for things that seemed enormous before like asking your boss for a raise. Many of our students have found confidence to go into business on their own, to create boundaries not just with women but with everyone in their lives and some guys have reported an improved relationship with family. Outside of social and networking skills, our teachings can be applied anywhere and they will work because they are steeped in scientific research,

We Support You In Every Area of The Attraction, Sex, Dating And Beyond

We hold your hand and give you practical help in whatever your needs are. We even go beyond advanced Attraction, sex and dating into self development where we discuss personal training, diet, public speaking and self improvement.

We give you a well-rounded education and hold your hand to make sure you complete your goals and become he man you deserve to be.

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