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I wanted to thank you, albeit lately, for the work we’ve done together this year. I’ve had an absolute blast the last few months and learnt so so much. I love how the success with women that seemed unimaginable only half a year ago is now something that I am starting to achieve regularly and it’s a very liberating thing to know that if I keep applying myself I will only get better. The thing I most happy about thou, is that I feel I am much closer to living the lifestyle I feel I deserve. Not only with women, but the work we have done has opened my eyes about how I can better myself in other areas of my life from work, to lifestyle and dealing more confidently with all the people I meet. It’s funny I even feel like my relationship with my family has improved and I’m starting to surround myself with better quality friends. I very much enjoyed the way you presented the course and your personal teaching style. I found the whole School of Attraction program very polished from day one and found it very easy to be comfortable and learn. I think you’ve definitely found your calling in life and your passion shows through in your teaching, which is something I very much admire. As for where I go to from here I want to spend more time focusing on picking up higher quality women. I also feel like the more different people I meet and the more situations I put myself into, the more my personality and confidence develop and that is something I certainly want to keep pushing. I realise that to keep improving I need to still keep my foot solidly on the pedal which is something I intend to do (hey I even finally published a field report! I actually have more than one written I just have been putting them together at odds and ends but they’ll be a lot more up there by the end of the week). So there you are, three weeks too late to the day, but hopefully you can appreciate the sincerity. Once again, thankyou for all the help and teaching you’ve given me this year and if you ever need a reference or someone to speak up the merits of SOA would be very happy to do so.

Cheers mate John

Ps. I think you’ll like this… so as a laugh in addition to my actual new years resolutions I did a kind of joke one with my friend which we labelled as an “aspirational resolution” which was to bed a model by the end of the year and I didn’t really expect to fulfil. I’m happy to report that I’ve ticked that off! Dated this girl who does some modelling last week… omg hands down the hottest girl I have ever been with!!! I couldn’t even believe I hooked up with her let, alone dated her, let alone got her into bed. And to you sir I very much say thankyou!

PPs. I know saying “a girl who does some modelling” might be a bit of a technicality win, but I say hell to technicality she was gorgeous!

by John Joseph on School Of Attraction
I was skeptical at first..

Not knowing what to expect from Damien and his team and not knowing how well he'd be as a coach, I would be lying if I said I wasn't still a little skeptical to whether he was the real deal or not when it came to my first practical. However this skepticism quickly disappeared as I not only saw women opening them constantly but seeing them handle it like a smooth m*therf*cker. I manage to see how good they were and just oozed confident energy everywhere they went. I remember thinking to myself I want to be like these guys!"

by Stewart on School Of Attraction
Everything was surprisingly easy...

The best part is that these guys are not the type of guys you see out standing awkwardly, not approaching with a game face that would creep their own mothers out. These guys have fun, they talk to women and they have become exceptionally good at it. A lot of guys have consistent success, have built their dating lifestyles to player status and have grown to become the men they always wanted to be. They are confident and they have fun even to a point of where women approach them just to be part of the fun.

Paying the money was the best decision I ever made

I have made friends with men who were motivated and pushed each other to succeed, who supported each other and helped each other to achieve a common goal; being involved with this kind of social group not only taught me a lot but also helped me raise the bar.

Damien and his team’s knowledge and experience in the field taught me things that would have taken me a long time to figure out if I were to have done it on my own, To this day I still seek out advice and they are more than happy to give it to me. They have overseen my progress in this journey and till this day, are more than happy to help me with any challenges I face.

I look back at the day when I was about to pay the money for the course, thinking to myself "Man you are probably going to regret this". Little did I know that the value I’d get out of it at the time, the amazing experience, the life changing insights and the friendships made; the course not only improved my game but I’ve made high value friendships as well as become part of something extraordinary and unique. I look back at that day when faced with paying the money and think that it was best decision I ever made

This teaching is not only good for meeting hot girls, but improving relationships with male and female friends and work colleagues.

Having experienced the best and most famous dating coaches in United States and London, Damien and his coaches are of the highest standard worldwide. His skills are fantastic and his attention to the student is unsurpassed.

However the critical point, is that they have their shit together - they are balanced and normal guys. When you are tuning your goals and personality, these are the kind of people who will lead you in a normal direction. This teaching is not only good for meeting hot girls, but improving relationships with male and female friends and work colleagues. Everyone should do a course with Damien. We are incredibly lucky to have him still living / teaching in Sydney

My First Practical... I Went Home With A Girl

From the first practical, you understand what it's all about. I was so nervous walking into the club wondering what I had gotten myself into. We start off slowly by just being social and having fun. Then it's time to approach girls and complete your goals for the night. My coach sometimes joined in with me and sometimes I was on my own.

I felt more and more comfortable as time went on and plucked up the courage to ask a girl home.

I was completely amazed when she said yes. I thought for sure she would turn me down or worse slap me in front of everyone. She became my first casual relationship and even now as I think about it, most of it had to do with having a great time, being social and talking to people

by Brendan on School Of Attraction
The Support Throughout This Course is Outstanding

I had an okay life, got into a long term relationship and felt frustrated that I was not able to make the choices I wanted to. I decided it was time to take responsibility for my future and start making things happen.

My fear was that this would be just another course - I had done so many and nothing had changed. Then I saw the potential that was possible - the success stories - I made a decision to really give it a go, and what really helped me was the support I received through coaching, mentoring, student support, and relationships with fellow students.

I was able to learn exactly what I needed to become a successful seductionist. I was not the fastest person to pick up a girl! It took me a while to get how much of a difference I could really make for myself and for someone else. I had to work through my own stuff first, which is great, because now I feel anything is possible! I ended up picking up the same amount of girls I used to pick up... for half the time and the effort! How great is that! I now get to make my life matter on a much grander scale, I’m bored much less than I used to be, I get to choose who I date. Best of all, I love what I do and who I am! I cant thank the team at The School of Attraction enough for helping me see my true potential. Two months ago, I could never have imagined that this is how great it could be!

I had taken CONTROL of my own success with women

I’d been to a couple of workshops before, and some of them were pretty fun, but working with Damien was a different experience altogether. I left feeling like I had taken control of my own success with women, like I could keep getting better without ever falling into a stagnant rut again. Highly recommended!

I'll just tell you straight up, the SOA course is without a doubt the best educational investment I've ever made. I've completed a degree in Psychology, and also a Counselling Diploma, but I've actually learnt from Damien, Adam, and my mentors at SOA. The reason is because the course is 80% practical and 20% theoretical, rather than studying which is the other way around.

When I first started, I was literally shaking with nerves. But now, only 2.5 months later, I can go out during the day or night and approach just about any woman I want (I've approached girls with their mums, and even girls on their mobile phones whilst in Sportsgirl). And the best thing is that now I'm having the time of my life, I've never felt so alive. I've been getting numbers every week, and I've also learnt how to build enough rapport to get instant dates with women on the spot. These women, after the instant date, actually message me to hang out again. In other words, I got measurable results.

I can't imagine living without having done the SOA course, I feel really lucky that I can just approach any woman because you only live once, why would you want to get a girlfriend or only meet women through friends of friends? I feel excited, free, and alive because everyday is just an awesome challenge for me to grow and learn because I can actually put into practice what I read because I'm not nervous to approach anymore. I believe the most important thing in life is relationships. SOA gives me the chance to find that girl. It's far more rewarding than earning tons of money, and don't just take my word for it, check out the research.

Also, the best thing about SOA is that they won't change who you are. You'll still be the same guy, just a more confident version who knows exactly how to attract women. They won't make you use any stupid gimmicky tricks or lines, it's based on genuine and solid psychology of what works in terms of getting connected with other people. I was so impressed that there was no manipulation involved. That would have been a deal breaker for me. SOA doesn't rely on this, instead, you learn to have the confidence to speak your mind, and follow through with your actions, and it simply works. Who would have thought? That's why I chose SOA.

The Day Game mastery course taught me everything I needed to know to be able to meet and date beautiful women that I see during the day. I now have sooo many great opportunities available to me and I'm totally enjoying it. One of my highlights of the course was meeting and dating a model as well as meeting and dating other women that could been easily models too. It feels awesome to be able to be with women who are that beautiful. I highly recommend the Day Game Mastery course to anyone interested in meeting beautiful women during the day.

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