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Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

We’ve all heard the term, “nice guys finish last”, and when it comes to women, and life in general it’s pretty true. But that sentence is also misleading. Firstly, nice guys aren’t really ‘nice’ guys. They’re more like...

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Case Study: How I Mastered Flirting In 14 Days

How do you flirt with a girl you really like? It’s not as easy as it sounds, is it? You get nervous. Your mind starts racing. Is your body posture okay? Oh god did you remember to wear deodorant?? You look around at those other guys who seem to have no problem...

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Are Women Racist When It Comes To Dating?

You Crave Diversity You can say a lot of things about the attraction Industry and its evolution over the years, but you can never accuse it of not being multi-cultural. I honestly can’t think of many countries in the world that haven’t been represented by at least one...

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