How to Become a Dating Life Coach with SOA

dating life coach

Sign up to the Ultimate Pickup Success Intensive and Become a Dating Life Coach.

All School of Attraction’s students have the opportunity to become a coach at a starting rate of $100 hr.

All of our coaches have done the Sincere Seduction Intensive as it’s a requirement to become a coach with us. This is because we have a very different way of teaching in comparison to other companies in the industry and we need to be sure that all coaches have a comprehensive understanding of how the course operates, how the student is feeling at every step of the way and the way to best accelerate the student’s level of success.

It is all about the student after all …

The way we see what we do is educating you on how to life coach yourself when it comes to dating. Once you have the foundation down pat, it’s easy to get everything else in your life going where you want it.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: All students are notified when there is an opening for a potential coach

Step 2: Those students who feel their level of success is up to par enter as a possible candidate.

Step 3: Directors, coaches and trainee coaches pick who they feel is ready to be trained.

Step 4: The student becomes a trainee coach, receiving $5,500 worth of free training to not only become amazingly great with women consistently but also develop their teaching abilities to become a great coach.

Step 5: After 6 months of training, School of Attraction picks who will become a fully fledges coach. It’s great for all involved as even if a student doesn’t make it as a coach just yet, they’ve still received $5,500 worth of coaching they would never have had otherwise.

Step 6: Those that become a coach will be starting by working closely with our Head Coach Damien. Once they get a hang of being a great coach, they will be working by themselves.

Why become a coach?
– Starting pay rate will be $100 an hour and we take care of our own so that can rise dramatically depending on you.
– Great commission structure for every person that signs up with you
– Great options for work/life balance: you could potentially be getting a week’s wage for working less than 10 hours a week.
– Free personal coaching to be a Coach believed to be worth $5,500. This includes free further sessions also.
– A job where you’re in control of your success.
– Job flexibility: You can make money with us anywhere in the world.
– Chance to work with some of the coolest people ever! 😛

What we expect from our coaches

– You must have a passion for helping guys. This means a genuine interest and care for their success.
– It is important to have reached a certain par with your success with women but it is also important to note that we are looking for the best coach as opposed to just the man who is most successful with women.
– It would be handy if you can be available to coach weeknights and weekends depending on the workload (with lots of notice of course).

For more information, or to sign up to our Sincere Seduction Intensive please email us at


  1. kevin

    hi there i was born in london but all my family lives in spain canary islands i have been practicing sedution for 11 months years aproaching women i would love to be the younguest dating coach out there what can i do i have done it all by myslef reading,practicing contacted with other companies but nothing, and would love to study to be a Daygame coach and dating , but the thingis i live in the canary islands spain but i was thinking in going to london england where would i study in a academy? who could i get i get in touch with you guys and study seduction to become a dating coach?
    thanks for all the suport and efrot your great hope to keep in touch