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Online Dating Tips For Men

School of Attraction

Let’s be real: online dating is not gender neutral. If you’re a heterosexual male diving into the wild world of digital dates, there are rules to follow, and it’s often very difficult to figure out exactly what those are. As a rule, women are the receivers of the emails, chat invitations, nudges, and winks, and men need to initiate. Yet for many, it often feels like they’re punished if they do come on strong, and punished if they don’t make it obvious that they’re interested. In either case, rejection lurks around every digital communication.

So what’s a single guy to do? Dive in, dust off any rejection, and use a little online dating savvy. The internet is a veritable playground for saucy singles, teeming with eligible dates that are actively seeking companionship. These sites do a stellar job of offering a bevy of tools to help break the barriers of connection, from “pokes” to anonymous email, and voice mails to instant chat. What these sites can’t do is guarantee the lady of your choice will reciprocate in kind. For that, you need to be aware of what women are looking for as they peruse your profile and messages.Want the inside scoop into what women want in online dating? Look no further than the list below.

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What Most Guys Never Do That Would Rapidly Improve Their Progress

How To Know When You're Good With Women

Pickup and dating should be (mostly) fun but if you want to get really good at it really fast, it’s advisable to take certain aspects relatively seriously. This means that when you’re out you should be focusing on being in the moment, talking to girls and having fun AND also having some sort of overriding system that ensures you are heading in the right direction. In other words, you need to measure your progress.

There are two main reasons why you should measure your progress if you are not already doing so;

REASON #1 TO MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS The first reason to measure your progress is because it shows you exactly where you are excelling and exactly where you are struggling. In more detail, measuring your progress clearly identifies what things you need to focus on to achieve the level of success you desire and it also shows, with brutal honesty, where you doing well and where you doing poorly. Measuring progress can be a very enlightening experience and can often uncover major sticking points you were previously unaware of.

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Should women come First? The Answer will Surprise You

Should Women Come First

I have always viewed my life as a journey… At times I am living it large and it is an epic movie length adventure, and at other times, I become lazy and boring and it becomes like a Twitter post. Nevertheless, I try my hardest at all times to be on a journey to somewhere. This journey includes but by no means is limited to the friends I surround myself with, the tough decisions I make, and the activities I regularly engage in to name a few. All these factors come together to form Damien D – my sense of self and who I truly am.

In my past I have for reasons I still can’t logically make sense of, changed the course of my journey because there was a woman around. This could be subtle such as skipping the gym a couple of times to hang out with her more, or life changing such as putting my life purpose on hold to please her. Very often, I would make very small changes to my life journey almost from the first date with a woman – this may be for example; I would take her on a date somewhere that I would never normally go myself, simply because I wanted to impress her, or make her think that I was… Read more »

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The Science Behind Whether Looks Matter – You’ll Never See yourself the Same Way Again

The Science Behind Whether Looks Matter

I remember when I first got involved in the pick up community in 2004. A lot of things have changed in the industry, and pretty much all of them for the better. Old fashioned mindsets are being formatted into more accurate and morally sound views and processes. The Majority of men I talk to now want to stop being fake when they pick up women, and there is a massive shift to being more ‘real’.

One of the mantras being shouted at us back, and shouted at most guys still today is “looks don’t matter”, and any time anyone stepped up to question it, they were quickly shoved in the “limiting belief” box. But we all feel it deep down inside, we all know that somewhere along the line looks count for something, but what?

On the one hand, we clearly see women fawning over cute guys all the time, on the other we see lots of unattractive guys with stunning women wherever we look. So what gives?

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The Art of Foreplay – And How This Can Change The Way Women See You In Bed

The Best Process For Foreplay

Most people think foreplay is that brief moment in the bedroom between that ‘special kiss’ and sexual penetration. They think that a little bit of quality ‘necking’, a brief nibble on the ear and perhaps a few ‘sweet nothings’ is what constitutes all the moves required to master the fine art of ‘getting her in the mood’. The reality is, a huge part of a woman’s arousal occurs in her mind, and you can start arousing this part of her long before you first set foot in the bedroom.

Rather than bore you with a bunch of useless theory to get my point across, I want to share with you all an old favourite foreplay process of mine. (not to be used the first time you sleep with a woman, ideally the 2nd or 3rd time, if she knows you too well, some of the magic will be lost)

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The Best Salespeople In The World Use This Sales Strategy In Business. You’re Going To Use It To Get Girls.

The Best Salespeople In The World Use This Sales Strategy

This is a really powerful influencing technique for helping women to feel comfortable physically escalating with you shortly after you have met them which I internalised a long time ago and I still use it to this day, but it is an entirely subconscious process now. It works like this..

If I wanted to sell you a trip to Thailand, the obvious thing for me to do would be to tell you everything that is great about Thailand to wet your appetite and then ask you if you’d like to go. Now this will get a degree of success, but there is a much more effective way to go about it.

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