How To Get A Girlfriend

A lot of guys who want to learn how to pick up women don’t realise that talking to girls is easy. Knowing how to attract women and how to pick up women, and even how to get a girlfriend isn’t rocket science … once you have learnt a few lessons well!

School of Attraction’s PUA training courses and workshops have helped hundreds of guys discover their inner magnetism and start picking up girls almost immediately. We have so much success in helping men move from talking to girls, to picking up, to actually getting a girlfriend, because we take a strong focus on developing your magnetism while maintaining your personality and the essence of who you are as a man.


School of Attraction Honour Code

1. A great man doesn’t lie to, manipulate, or deceive women

2. A great man makes sure he has fun wherever he goes

3. A great man doesn’t create false excuses to talk to a woman

4. A great man doesn’t neg or put a woman down in order to try and raise his own value

5. A great man is never afraid to tell a woman what he wants, he never gives mixed messages

6. A great man never compromises his own values for a woman

7. A great man doesn’t need a woman’s approval to be himself

8. A great man has respect for women and expects women to respect him in return

  • Testimonials

    I made a decision to really give it a go, and what really helped me was the support I received through coaching, mentoring, student support, and relationships with fellow students.Two months ago, I could never have imagined that this is how great it could be!

    Aaron Braxton - 25 - Admin


PUA Workshop Courses In Australia

Our PUA training courses & workshops are unique in Australia, and are specifically designed to help you learn how to attract the women that will be right for you. We teach you every technique you’ll need to know how to get a girl to like you, from preparing yourself for a night out, to choosing a girl, to the perfect approach tactics, how to talk to girls, and keeping your fantastic start going.

If you’re looking for casual relationships, we’ll teach you how to ensure that your one-sided sexual urges turn into two-way sexual tension, ensuring a successful pick up. If you want to learn how to get a girlfriend, we’ll show you how your early tactics in picking up women can help protect you from mindless conversations, gatekeepers and Celine Dion!

Our PUA training courses and workshops run for 9 weeks each, with 3 theory sessions, 4 mentor sessions and 5 practical sessions. You also get lifetime membership to our exclusive forums, events and PUA community benefits.

Get those girls ‘out of your dreams, and into your car’ with School of Attraction! Book your course and begin picking up women sooner than you imagined.

Learn how to attract women the way it was meant to be earned. Out there in the real world, with an instructor who knows exactly how to pick up women, and won’t ask you to change you you are or pretend to be something you’re not.

School of Attraction In The Media


Last year Damien was contacted by GQ Magazine to do a 6 page spread on his business and the Dating Coaching industry at large.

Damien invited the Journalist out on live practical session with a group of SOA students to see just how amazing the program really is in person

Click Here to read the article in PDF format.

In 2010, Sydney Morning Herald ran a full page article about School of Attraction which featured on the second page.

The journalist spent an entire practical session with Damien observing just how dramatic the results really can be for the guys who get involved.

Click Here to View Article

Damien has been in many radio interviews over the years, but he probably enjoyed his interview on FBi Radio the most.

In this interview Damien talk about some of his most embarrassing pick up moments, as well as some of the biggest mistakes men make in when trying to attract women.

In 2013, Damien was contacted by The Age in Melbourne to Interview Damien as the largest dating company in Australia, where a journalist came to sit in on to view one of my theory sessions live.

Click Here to read entire Article

In 2011 Online Dating Magazine MINX, interviewed Damien about his program and rapid expansion in the Australian Dating Scene


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